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Silva UltraMind ESP to consciously create a better life

Whether you seek improvement in Business, Health, Relationships or personal development the Silva UltraMind ESP can and will change your life for the better.

Using a unique combination of Alpha and Theta level mind exercises, creative visualizations, habit control, and positive programming methods has been endorsed by various thought leaders and scientists. This includes personal growth icons like Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Shakti Gawain; bestselling author, Richard Bach; award-winning neuroscientist, Mark Robert Waldman; and oncology research pioneer, Dr. O. Carl Simonton.

Top Personal Growth Leaders
Inspired by Silva Method

“Anything with the name Jose Silva as an author has my vote before I open to page one,” said Wayne Dyer, well known personal growth author and teacher.

“It allows you to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom,” according to Shakti Gawain, who credits Silva for inspiring her best-selling book, Creative Visualization

Best-selling author, Richard Bach, credits the Silva Method for the inspiration to help him finish his iconic book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which sold over a million copies and was featured on the cover of TIME magazine.

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Businesses Train Employees
in Silva Method

Top corporations including RCA Records, Green Mountain Coffee, and The Arnold Agency report amplified creativity, improved business management, enhanced motivation, better health, higher work attendance, and better stress management.

“Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do,” according to Robert Stiller, CEO of Green Mountain Coffee.

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Artists Enhance Creativity and
Focus with Silva Method

Notable students include the opera singer Marguerite Piazza, singer Vicki Carr, and actresses Loretta Swit and Carol Lawrence, the first live theater actress to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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World Class Athletes Use
Silva Method for Physical Excellence

“The Silva Method helped me with my concentration, and it helped me to relax before the pressures of a game,” stated Russell “Bucky” Dent, a baseball player with the Chicago White Sox named Most Valuable Player at the 1978 World Series.  To this day, many world-class athletes use the principles of The Silva Method to visualize their desired outcomes, improve focus, and keep their minds and bodies in optimal condition.


Healthcare Professionals
Integrate Silva Principles into
Mind-Body Healing Regimens

Fruzsina Varga, founder of the Spirit Healing Center, intuitive healer, Certified Silva Instructor



Jose Silva is credited with developing modern day dynamic meditation. A self-educated man, he faced harsh criticism as he stood up for what is now one of the biggest breakthroughs in the human mind, intuition, and personal development. At a time when talking about mind control created a lot of fear and skepticism, Jose did not falter. He pursued research into mental states of mind, and he began creating specific mind tools and exercises that would allow a person to enter the Alpha and Theta levels while awake and tap into hidden reservoirs of intuition, creativity, and healing.

At first, Silva used his techniques, which he called “The Silva Method,” to help his children improve their grades, boost their intuition, improve their creativity, increase their IQs, and sharpen their memories.

Word spread fast. Silva’s techniques continued to evolve, and within months he was training people in his community, then across the country, and eventually across the world.

Today over 5 decades later, The Silva Method has evolved with modern research and continues to provide the best technologies in personal growth


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