I attended the Silva UltraMind ESP seminar May 24th, and 25th Memorial weekend with instructor Fruzsina Varga, in La Crescenta, CA, and it was brilliant!  Fruzsina is an exceptional teacher, beautifully soft-spoken, and highly knowledgeable with Jose Silva’s teachings.   I knew this workshop was going to be an amazing, and a life-changing experience, but it also surpassed what I originally anticipated.   I never imagined in two days we would all be able to have the ability to detect information and be so accurate!  In addition, all my classmates were very nice, and fun to be around.  By the second day, I felt as though I had a new family, as we were all sharing the same energetic field.  I highly recommend this class to the believers, and ESPECIALLY the skeptics.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  This method is not only beneficial to healers, psychics, etc . . .  Jose Silva’s teachings benefits all of humanity whether you are doctor, librarian, fireman, secretary, accountant; it is not limited to a select few.  Everyone can benefit, and create a better quality life for themselves.  I’m a proud Silva graduate!
-M. Perez

Took the Silva Ultra Mind ESP System Course this weekend and it is by far the most effective mind development, psychic development, intuition development course you will ever take, One of the best investments ever!!! If you want to live a life filled with “luck” and synchronicities, which you actually create; be less prone to accidents and make better decisions for your life, you just have to take this course. Thank you Fruzsina for guiding us into our limitless minds! 

‘I found the teachings that I learned at the Silva UltraMind ESP extremely useful! I can use it to easily manifest a parking space in a busy parking lot anywhere or to make my headache go away in less than a few minutes. I’ve been also able to help others even remotely with their health issues. Last year I programmed myself the perfect job and shortly after I got hired. I not only love it but also pays better than I programmed it. Fruzsina the Silva instructor is truly excellent. She explained everything throughly and her passion to help others succeed shines through her teachings.”
– Carla G.

“Training your mind effectively is one of the most productive and valuable things you will ever do for yourself. Taking Silva Mind Control with Fruzsina was so powerful for me. In this class I really recognized the vast capabilities of my mind and how to harness them. I learned new ways to use my mind to improve my quality of life and to increase the health of myself and the people around me. Fruzsina is such a beautiful and gentle soul who guided this class so gracefully. I HIGHLY recommend taking any of her courses to increase your mental focus and create the life you dream of for yourself.”

-Naada Guerra

“Putting the Silva Method to daily use works, plain and simple. Once you start using the basic techniques it’s almost like turning on a part of your brain that you didn’t know existed. Through mental programming  and a variety of other methods I have been able to find solutions to situations that have come up both at home and at work. Putting my mental ‘tools’ to use has been invaluable in my life and something I continue to use on a routine basis.”

– Jenn H.